Chrome extension app has been released.

Feb 18, 2023

Feedbank chrome extension app has been released. In this article, I'm going to talk about extension apps.

Chrome extensions can be installed here (opens in a new tab).


After installing the extension app, click the icon and the following window will appear.

Currently, only content can be entered. We plan to introduce a screenshot function and authentication function in the future.

How to use

Just like when using the Feedbank widget. The difference is that any page can send feedback whether the widget is installed or not.

If you write down the feedback you want on the page you are on and send it, the window will close after saving the URL information of the page you are currently on, browser information, operating system information, and device information.


Unlike a widget, it is an extension app, so you can overcome the limitation of sending feedback only when the widget is installed. You can send us feedback on any page you visit.

Look around

However, the feedback you send will not be transmitted directly to the website operator. It's like that now.

So, we added a new page to the Home page called Look Around.

You can check all the feedback you registered here. Take a look at what other people are sending feedback on the various pages.

You can also view details by clicking.


I'm going to collect the feedback you sent and send it to the operators, and I'm trying to lead the operators to enter the feedbank ecosystem. If you go around the pages around the world and send us feedback, I'll do our best to deliver! 🚀

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Last updated on February 18, 2023