Dashboard features Added

Jan 20, 2023

Before the Lunar New Year holidays, Feedbank will be introducing a bunch of new features.

Today, I would like to introduce you to the 5 features that will be released before the introduction.

1. Add Dashboard Page

Dashboard Home

A new Dashboard page has been added. New plugin keys and new projects can now be created and managed from the dashboard.

Plugins that were only able to create one per email can now be created as one project per domain.

The dashboard contains pages such as viewing a list of feedback, customizing trigger buttons and widgets.

2. Feedback Resolve Feature

Feedback list page

This is the feedback list page. You can check the accumulated feedback here in chronological order.

When clicked, detailed information is also displayed:

Feedback detail

Here are some new features that have been added. This is a resolve feature,

This is a function that allows you to check if you (the operator) have resolved the feedback sent by the user.

If you click the Resolve button for an unresolved feedback, the following modal will appear.

Resolve modal

3. Widget - Add Improvements and Email

While it is not required to resolve feedback, if you leave additional improvements, users will be able to see the improvements left by the moderators within the site, such as:

Improvements of widget

You will also be able to send an optional email. It was created for visitors who want a reply by email.

4. Customize Widget Categories

Previously, there was a fixed type to choose from. But now you can adjust the name, color, position, and number of each type. Like the following.

Right on the right, you can see in advance how the types will be laid out

5. Call Feedbank Dynamically

This part is a bit of a developer's area, and requires some knowledge of JavaScript. Calling and hiding trigger buttons and widgets can be handled with JavaScript.

When the script is applied, a function called Feedbank is created in the window object. If an action name is entered as the first argument of this function, the function corresponding to the name is executed.

Currently, there are four functions applied.

  • window.Feedbank('showButton'): Expose the trigger button
  • window.Feedbank('hideButton'): Hide the trigger button
  • window.Feedbank('showWidget'): Expose the widget
  • window.Feedbank('hideWidget'): Hide the widget


For reference, there is also a way to prevent the trigger button from appearing when the script is applied for the first time. You can do this by adding an attribute named data-fb-hide to your script.


So far, we have introduced the 5 new features of Feedbank. thank you!

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