How to collect feedback efficiently on your website

Jan 27, 2023

When will people send feedback? Usually, two things can be said. When you feel uncomfortable as a user, it's probably when you want to throw an improvement point regardless of whether the user is there or not.

People who surf websites constantly face inconveniences big and small. It may be trivial that the button to be pressed is not pressed, or the login is not possible, the page is not turned over, or the CSS is broken.

The most serious situation is when the payment function fails partially. Of course, you will test before introducing the payment function, and when the test passed, the environment was the Chrome browser on Windows, but after deployment, what if there was a bug that prevented payment in the Mac OS Safari environment? what a terrible situation...

Feedbank collects environmental information from visitors

Of course, wouldn't it be the principle of testing in all possible environments before production? But we know. There are always exceptions or bugs. Some people just can't afford to handle it, and the user's environment is unpredictable in the first place. Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera, which are often called the five major browsers, are five. In addition, Koreans often use Whale Browser and Samsung Internet. Wouldn't it be easier said than done to test everything in this environment? You should also test the mobile environment.

When do you need feedback

Bugs can happen anytime, anywhere. Also, that's what happens to users. It would be nice if errors were automatically collected through error tracking software, but as mentioned at the beginning, bugs such as buttons not being pressed are bugs and not errors, so they are not collected. After all, this is the moment when feedback is needed.

A product must be created as quickly as possible, and to do so, only minimum features must be applied first. Whether or not a bug occurs depends on whether users report it or not.

Feedback should be collected at the moment it occurs. If a minor bug where the button is not pressed is not fatal to the user, the justification for the user to report it is relatively low. Right now, I also feel a lot of inconvenience while surfing the web, but I don't report everything to the operator.

However, operators are in a different position. For operators, each such feedback is an invaluable asset. If users do not report a problem even though they detect a problem, the reliability of the product will be perceived as low by many people.


Reptile Sales Platform Grother with Feed Bank

Feedbank is focused on those moments. Grother, a reptile sales platform that introduced the feedbank solution, received 20 valuable feedback from users within two weeks of introduction. As befits the service of reptile sales, there have been many feedbacks related to writing articles or sales.

Feedbank widget

Feedbank places a trigger button in the corner of the website. When you click the button, a small widget appears as above and you can register feedback. After sending feedback, close the widget again. Users can continue what they were doing. We try to streamline the process so that users don't feel uncomfortable sending feedback at the moment of a problem.

If you are worried about collecting feedback from visitors, try introducing a feed bank. Contact us at and we'll be happy to help.

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