Introducing the tools used

Oct 6, 2022

Hello, this is developer Kim Dong-wook. It's a simple service that I just made, but it's a service I made by myself, and I'm writing this article in the hope that it will be an insight to 'what tools can I use to make a product like this' to those who read this article.

Tech Stacks

  • Supabase

Supabase, which appeared to replace Firebase, supports PostgreSQL-based relational databases, unlike Firebase's noSQL databases.

As of October 22, Supabase supports Database, Authentication, Storage, and SQL Editor without difficulty, and Edge Functions is still in beta. I use Supabase for all other functions except for Edge Functions.

Like Firebase, Supabase has a generous free plan, making it a highly recommended service for startups or side projects. Even though it is open source, it has been invested up to Series B as of August 22, and since they also use the AWS cloud, the sustainability of the service does not seem to be a problem for several years.

  • Next.js
  • TailwindCSS
  • Heroicons


  • Figma

I used it to create logos and thumbnails, etc.

Document Record

  • Notion
  • Trello
  • Todoist


  • Vercel
  • Gabia

Used when purchasing a domain.

It was Supabase and Vercel that played the most powerful role in creating the current service. Both had the commonality that the free plan was individual developer-friendly and relaxed, and the convenient UI/UX was an advantage. Also, TailwindCSS has contributed greatly to driving rapid product development.

In fact, the money I used to launch this service is nothing other than the money I borrowed for a one-person shared office, 30 dollars for domain purchase from Gabia, and 4 dollars a month for G Suite.

Unlike in the past, I think that the environment for creating side projects has really improved today. If you have an idea for a web product, we encourage you to create one using the tools above.

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