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Oct 2, 2022

Welcome to the official feedbank blog. Hello, I'm Dongwook Kim, the creator of Feedbank.

Feedbank, a compound word of Feedback + Bank, is a software plug-in that allows website visitors to immediately deliver feedback to the operator.

If you put the script provided by the feedbank in the html head tag, you will have a fixed button called "Feedback" at the bottom left of the site screen. When you press the button, a widget appears and a form for entering the type and content is created. You can also specify the area you want to highlight by clicking and dragging the area outside the widget. It is a simple service that delivers the entered contents to the email that the operator received before installation, when the contents are entered and the "Submit" button is pressed.

test feedback

As a former web developer, I came up with the idea of ​​a feedbank while working for a company in the past. There was a fatal typo on some of the pages I worked on in the project, and I was shocked to discover that after about half a year, no one had reported the problem until I found it.

Why didn't anyone know about this?

I thought deeply. Internally, why didn't the customers tell us about the problem?

I changed my stance and thought about it. "Would you have talked about it if it were me?"


It was then that I realized something. Most websites don't have a clear place to get error reports or feedback from visitors.

I also see typos and bugs while surfing numerous websites, but I have never reported the problem to the operator. Why? I thought of the following reasons.

  1. it's bothering.
  2. The window to send feedback is not visible at a glance.
  3. There is no reward for doing anything.
  4. For reasons similar to 3, there is no reason to do so unless the user is harmed.

There may be individual differences in cases 3 and 4, but cases 1 and 2 are generally universal. In today's world where every minute and every second is precious, there is no room for reporting, and the report button is often hidden somewhere in the corner of a website.

'What if I put a window where I can quickly report?' With that in mind, the Feedbank Project was started.

In future blogs, I plan to cover my experiences while developing a feedbank.

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