Trigger button messages can be customized

Dec 10, 2022

Feedbank is a website feedback collection tool. Just add a line of script to your HTML, and the installation is done by placing the widget in the corner of the screen.

In this article, I would like to introduce a trigger button that creates a feedbank widget.

What is Trigger?

The trigger in the feedbank refers to a small button with a height of 37 cm that appears in the corner of the website screen after the script is applied.

Tapping this button brings up a widget where you can send feedback.

However, there is a part where you can customize this button, so I would like to tell you about this part.


The trigger button is located in the lower left corner by default, but can be placed in the lower center, lower right, lower left, or right center to suit the operator's needs.

Also, since the bottom left and bottom right are basically 20px apart from the ends in each direction, this spacing can also be adjusted.

Just add the following value to the script tag as the data-fb-position attribute.

  • bottom-left: Bottom Left (Default)
  • bottom-center: Bottom Center
  • bottom-right: Botton Right
  • middle-left: Middle Left
  • middle-right: Middle right
<script data-fb-position="bottom-left"></script>

5개의 위치 지정이 가능!

Color Theme

You can also specify the color of the button. The default is #fafafa with a white background, but you may want to show the button color to match the style of your website.

You can apply the color of the button by changing the hex color on the homepage.

If the background color is dark, the text color is automatically changed to white.

Just add data-fb-button-color as an attribute in the format #ffffff.

Label Text

By default, the text is set to Feedback , but this can also be customized.

Just put whatever text you want in the data-fb-label value!

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  plugin-key="[PLUGIN KEY]"